Hello! It’s Fay here from Savoir-Fay, welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Savoir-Fay is a lifestyle blog following the decision I made to quit my job in London and move to Paris. It’s an honest and (hopefully) interesting account of my experience from the very beginning; funemployment all the way through to the move and starting my new life.

Why Savoir-Fay? It’s a play on the French phrase savoir-faire which means knowing how to act or what to say in a given social situation with the literal translation being ‘to know what to do’. The name is a play on that and I take it to mean to know me, or know more about me. I toyed with a lot of other options before finally settling on this one. It felt like the right fit for me and what I would be writing about, I hope you like it too!

So if you’re interested in knowing what it’s like to up sticks and move to a country where you can barely speak the language, stick around because I’ll be letting you know how it all goes. I plan on keeping it as real as possible, that means sharing the bad along with the good.

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