Last night in Paris

So today I am getting on a plane and leaving France. Nearly 10 months ago to the day I arrived a little nervous and unsure, about to start a new adventure. Now I’m heading back, a little nervous and unsure to start the next chapter. The overwhelming feeling is one of excitement; to be back home, back with family, friends, back to familiarity. Have I enjoyed my time here? Yes, absolutely. Has it been really difficult at times? Damn right. Am I ready to leave? Most definitely. Of course there are things I’m going to miss, the kids I au pair (found it so hard saying goodbye to them all yesterday), friends, places…pastries 😂. I’ve learnt so many things here besides the language, but perhaps what I’ve come to learn most is how much I love home and need to be near my friends and family. I definitely needed the time away and to get out of London but I’m also really ready to go back now.

Mont Marte View

It’s been an experience and one I’m so glad I decided to do but also one I’m not in a hurry to repeat. It’s been so good for me to do something completely different and way out of my comfort zone. It’s been good for me to be away and able to focus on myself, essentially I’ve been able to reset and feel like I’m coming back the best version of myself. I’ve had so much time to think and reflect out here and it really has been quite a healing time for me. I was so scared about how it would all work out, and I have no idea what the future holds right now but I’m doing my best to believe that the right thing will come along. In the meantime I’m going to have some time at home with my parents, walking the dog, running by the beach and enjoying the summer. 

Paris, you have taught me so much. You have given me the best memories and I owe so much to you, the City of Lights. It’s not goodbye but à bientôt.

F x 

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