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Following on from my last post I’ve made the decision I’ll most likely be heading back to London to work after the summer. My au pair contract finishes mid-July and I also have to go back for a friend’s wedding the same weekend I finish. Now, I obviously needed to book my tickets back for this…the decision was do I book a single or return? Originally I would have booked a return as I was obviously going to be coming back to start the next chapter of my Parisian adventure.

Well, that’s changed a little. I spoke to my parents and I decided to book a one way ticket, I was going to be coming home that weekend too. Next panic…how the f**k am I going to get all of my stuff back in one flight? Bear in mind I’ve already paid extra to have two hold suitcases and two carry on bags…yeah, this girl doesn’t travel light. I bought more stuff back with me after Christmas thinking it’s no problem as I’ll probably be moving straight to an apartment rather than having to lug it all back home. Oooops. So when my parents came to visit last weekend I had to ask a little favour. Would they mind bringing a large suitcase so I can send them back with as much as possible. They were travelling on Eurostar so the price of luggage is included, unlike good old EasyJet who I’ll be flying with. I stuffed as much as I could into that suitcase but I’m looking round my room now and thinking there is still quite a lot to be getting into those three suitcases in the corner. But fear not! My sister is coming out again in May and guess what? Yeah that’s right, I’m going to rope her into bringing an extra case so I can send her back with things too…got to love Eurostar for their luggage allowance. 

Paris Lamps

Detoured a little there from the main point of this post. When, like me you’re nowhere near a light packer you’ve got to plan ahead. Last thing I want to be doing is buying an extra suitcase and paying over the odds for ANOTHER piece of luggage to be put in the hold. So the next step for me is to start organising my life ready for when I go back. Yes, I know July seems like a long time away but in reality it will come around so fast and I want to be prepared. I’m off on holiday in just over a week and won’t be back until the end of April so there’s a few bits and bobs I want to get finished before I go. First up is to complete the edits to my CV, I’ve printed off hard copies of all the versions I’ve currently got – I like to save new versions separately so I can easily go back and compare and not permanently lose anything I’ve taken out – and I need to create a final version. I want to have it done by this coming Friday. I’ll then be ready to start the job hunt in May.

Paris Buildings

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to look for a job. Over six years actually, so I want to give myself plenty of time. As I’ve said before, I’m a worrier anyway so the sooner I can start getting prepared the better. May is when I’ll start seriously looking, I want to get a good idea of the job market and look at all potential avenues I can use to job search. I’ve been looking periodically once a week or so but not seriously. I’ll also need to start thinking about where I’m going to live. The idea of flat sharing with strangers isn’t of huge appeal to me but in London that’s pretty much the only option you have! I’ll probably leave this until I either have a job lined up or I’m much closer to the time I want to move. We all know that horrible feeling when you see the perfect place and it’s either gone or the dates don’t match up to when you want to move.

I’m actually really excited about coming back now. It doesn’t feel like a failure anymore, just another kink in the road. It’s also nice knowing I have everything sorted for my return. My mum is coming down to London to collect me from the airport, both because she wants to be there to welcome me back and so I don’t have to lug my suitcases around all weekend at my friend’s wedding…wouldn’t be ideal really would it? I’m also excited to get back into a proper routine. Au pairing comes with a bit of an odd schedule, a couple of free hours there, working a couple of hours then a free hour here. As someone who likes structure I’ve struggled with that a little, it’s also hard knowing your time isn’t 100% your own. I’m looking forward to knowing I’ll be working 5 days a week, where I’ll be and what time I’ll be getting up. Sounds boring doesn’t it? BUT I’m craving that regularity. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was also looking forward to having a full pay cheque again…I’ve definitely learnt how to be economic out here I tell you. 

F x

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