Since moving to Paris my schedule has changed dramatically. I now have a lot of ‘down time’ during the day, something which I obviously didn’t have before when working a regular job. Some of this time is spent at my French classes, some of it doing homework and some of it (a lot of it) watching Netflix. To give you a better idea I’ve managed to watch 10 series of RuPaul’s Drag Race in the space of two weeks…granted I’ve been on a staycation during that time but still, you get the gist.

When I’m not doing the above or trying to drag my ass out for a run I’ve been spending a lot of time on social…read social as Instagram. I regularly look at my screen time and it’s shocking how much I can rack up scrolling through the feed. Thinking about it I probably need to consider limiting it a bit more. Anyway, this has all helped me to discover some accounts that I LOVE. They’re of all different types and I like them all for different reasons. Some I was aware of before I moved and others I’ve discovered through my many hours of scrolling in the times where I don’t have a huge amount to do. I do leave the house and meet friends etc. too, re-reading that I sound a little like a social recluse. Ok, sorry back to the point. I thought I might share some of my favourites and why I like them, I’ll break them into categories for no other reason than that’s the kind of organisation that makes me happy.


Let’s start with France related accounts, in particular Parisian ones. One I’ve been following for a long time is French Words. This is a super cute account that regularly posts little words or phrases in French with the translation. I save all the ones I like to my collections and it’s a great way of learning little and often. 

My Life Living Abroad – I started following Chloe before moving out to Paris and I’ve honestly found her account and blog so helpful. As the name suggests she provides LOTS of advice and tips for anyone who is moving to Paris and preparing for life as a British expat. I think I read most of her blog and previous posts before coming out to Paris and it meant that I came prepared with essential documents etc. that were needed for things like opening a bank account. I’ve messaged her a couple of times and she’s genuinely really nice.

Paris In Four Months – is an account that was started by a woman called Carin who as the named suggests spent four months in Paris and decided to write about it but now lives here permanently. Her feed is basically a collection of all the pretty things I would love to have and I’m constantly saving little cafes, bistros and restaurants she visits to my list of places in Paris I want to go. She comes across as super genuine in her stories, if you like pretty things and places then follow her because she shows you some of the best of Paris. 

Rue Rodier – another British expat who blogs about fashion and beauty but also life in Paris. I follow Marissa for reasons similar to those I have for following Carin. More than anything it’s inspiration and a nice way to see what’s new in the world of fashion whilst also getting to know and see other parts of the city I’m now living in. 


First up, is Sophie Milner who runs the blog Fashion Slave. I’ve been following her for a couple of years now and I love her realness. She talks about and tackles issues that a lot of young women are facing or dealing with and she does it in such a genuine way. She’s funny and honest and her stories are brilliant. Check out her account RealLifeSophie for extra LOLs too (yes, I did just include the word LOLs). 

Freya Killin – I’ve not been following her that long but I already want to buy everything in her closet. A bit tricky when you’re living on an au pair budget and are on a year of extreme frugality. Best believe I’ve been saving lots of outfit inspo to my collections ready for when I’m back in the land of the full-time wage earners. A lot of what she buys and wears is high street meaning affordable and she styles the items really well. Basically, she comes across as the kind of girl who I would hang out with, glass of wine in hand putting the world to rights.

Penelope Sarah – again not sure how long I’ve been following her or how I found her account to be honest but I love her style. Definitely don’t think I’d be able to wear half the stuff she does as I would NOT look as cool but I love seeing how she puts outfits together. Give her a follow if you want some serious inspo, she always accessorises really well too. 

Style Lobster – a.k.a Emily Valentine. I love her account and her blog. Always straight talking, with honest no BS opinions, she comes across as fun and friendly and really cares about what she does. Again, goes without saying another person with really cool style…the kind of look I’d love to achieve but not sure I’d ever quite get there. We can try eh 🤣. Also, if you watched her recent stories you’d see she is a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race which in my humble opinion is ALWAYS a good thing. 


Glossier – goes without saying one of my favourite skincare brands. Everything they do is just so on point its ridiculous. Their branding is fantastic, they know their audience and their goods deliver. I am slowly but surely buying everything they offer and I love each product as much as the last. If you are looking for VERY good and affordable skincare you need look no further. Glossier is THE ONE.

The Skincare Diary – As someone who has suffered with acne/skin problems since their teens I am a bit obsessed when it comes to skincare/what products I use on my face. I love this account because she tries out lots of different things so you don’t have to! She gives good descriptions of the products and her feed is also just so damn pretty. Literal #shelfie goals. 


James Smith and Diren Kartal – two PTs who are changing the face of fitness. They cut through all the bullshit and are busting fitness myths every day. Their accounts are really educational but also really fun. If you have any interest in fitness or are a bit confused/don’t know where to start give them a follow. They both send out daily emails which are brilliant and have personalised programmes you can purchase online. When I move back to the UK and actually have money again I’m planning on giving it a go. I’ve learned so much just by following them on insta and it’s helped me not fall victim to the many lies and traps out there.

The Fitness Chef – another bullshit buster but this time when it comes to food. He talks a lot about the language used when discussing food and shares A LOT of really interesting comparisons and data. His account is really good at getting you clued up on actual nutritional facts, not the demonising of certain foods against others that you see all over the place.

Jameela Jamil/iWeigh – this woman is on a mission to get us all loving ourselves more and feeling valuable. It’s no secret that the media perpetuates a particular image of the ‘ideal’ – whether that be no cellulite, no stretch marks, slim, toned, tanned etc. and I love the work Jameela is doing to stop that. I don’t think I’ll eloquently describe what she’s doing so go and check out both her personal page and her i_weigh campaign for a better understanding.

This has actually turned out to be quite a long post but there you go. This is a just a handful of the accounts I follow but they’re the ones that immediately sprang to mind when deciding to write this. I’d love to know any others you follow/love!

F x

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