Le Grand Palais

No, not the band. The two week holiday they have here at the end of October/beginning of November. For those of us from the U.K it’s also known as October half-term, although we only get a week. For these two weeks the kids are off school and for one of them I am off-work too. Last week was pretty easy, the two boys went off to their grandparents house for the week and the girl went to a holiday ‘camp’ most afternoons so I didn’t really have a huge amount to do except help with lunch and dinner and make sure she was getting her homework done. Simple enough.

I also had the opportunity to go along to the Fiac exhibition at Le Grand Palais last week. I’ve been wanting to go ever since I arrived in Paris but the first attempt with my sister was a bit of a failure. You can’t take bags or backpacks in and we both had weekend totes/suitcases. For anyone who doesn’t know, Le Grand Palais is the location Chanel use to hold their epic Paris Fashion Week shows. This year they turned it into a full on beach…WOW. Anyway, Fiac is an annual collection of modern and contemporary art that is displayed at Le Grand Palais for 3 or 4 days. I went along with a friend and honestly I thought it was brilliant. I’m not often a huge fan of very contemporary art but the exhibition is so big I found a lot of the pieces really cool. My friend and I did seem to be drawn to all the neon pieces though 😂. Definitely lots of opportunity to get lots of pictures for the ‘gram too which is, you know always a bonus. We ended up spending a couple of hours there and got to see pretty much everything. If you’re interested in art, or you’re going to be in Paris during any cool exhibitions I’d really recommend taking a trip to Le Grand Palais. The Petit Palais is just opposite and has some free exhibitions you can take a look at. We had a quick peruse after Fiac, mainly because I wanted to see the cute courtyard with the palm trees. 

May Our Enemies Not Prosper

The rest of the week has been pretty relaxing. I’ve mainly spent time at home reading, running and catching up on sleep. I finished reading ‘You Do You’ by Sarah Knight , if you haven’t read her trilogy of ‘self help’ books I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve personally found them very helpful, she gives great advice without all the spiel and patronising tone so many other books like that seem to have. I then quickly read a comedy crime novel, nothing amazing but a fun read. It’s amazing how taking some time just to relax can be so restoring. I don’t think we do this often enough. I also went to the cinema with my host family to watch ‘Le Grand Bain’, a French comedy about a group of men who all have issues in their personal life but are brought together by the synchronised swimming team they join. It’s the first movie I’ve watched entirely in French with no subtitles (English or French) and I was surprised by how much of it I managed to understand! Part of my homework over the break is to watch some French films/series from a list provided by my teacher. I’ve watched a few episodes of Dix Pour Cent a French comedy about a talent firm and the agents who run it. Again, it’s completely in French but I’ve been watching it with the French subtitles on. It’s actually pretty funny! I’ve been meaning to start watching more French programmes to help me with understanding spoken French (as they speak VERY quickly) and I’m glad I’ve found one that I’m actually interested in. 

Arms Are For Hugging

The dad and daughter set off to meet the other two children this morning so it’s just me and my host mum for a few days (she has to work until Wednesday). Tonight we’re heading to the local cinema to see A Star Is Born and I’m so excited. I’ve seen nothing but praise for this film since it came out and I’m glad to say it’s being shown in English with French subtitles. This is one film I want to completely understand. We’re actually hading out in a minute so I need to go and get myself out of my pj’s! Yes, I have spent all day lounging around.

I’ve not got anything to exciting to report at the moment but will be back with a weekly update next Sunday. I’ve got a fair bit planned this week so it should be fun!

F x

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