Gordon's G&T

The start of my week was mainly spent waiting. Specifically waiting in Broadgate Circle for my train which I was four hours, yes FOUR hours early for. The cost of changing my ticket was the same as buying a completely new one and as I’m currently funemployed that didn’t seem like a very good financial choice. So I took myself into Boots, got some refreshments and then went and read a bit of John Grisham in the sun. Security actually came and asked me if I was ok and knew when my train was at one point as I’d been there so long! 

Anyway, after a slow start to the week I’ve been hastily trying to get ready for ‘the big move’. I suddenly realised there were lots of things I did not have and needed. Cue a panic Boots order, a last minute Amazon delivery of luggage straps, an impulse Uniqlo ultra light down purchase and a Glossier face wash order. The latter I actually should have ordered last week and avoided the panic. I checked with Glossier if they ship to France…which they don’t (yet, apparently this Autumn they’ll start) and was I planning to order but you know life got in the way. Hence a £6.95 next day delivery fee for me. Note to self, don’t put off online ordering.

Now on to the actual packing. I started as I do most tasks by making a list, a very long list. First bit of worry started to set in, this looked like a lot to fit in two suitcases and a carry on. Nevertheless I persisted and got everything written down, then I promptly gave up for the day and had a nap in front of the tv.

Ferge Luggage Set

Today is when I actually started packing, and let me tell you it has not been fun. I’ve been laying everything out on the bed in the spare room and it looks like even more when put into piles. I’m now really worried that it won’t all fit and I’ve not even started on toiletries and electricals yet. That being said, I’m trying not to panic TOO much, my mum is going to help me tackle it properly tomorrow and if things have to be left behind then so be it. I’m moving to Paris not the Antarctic so I can always buy it once out there or have it sent over later. Who’d have thought trying to pack your life for the next 9 months in SUCH LITTLE SPACE would be so hard? Anyone who knows me knows I do not pack lightly so it might seem like I’m being dramatic but this is a pretty big deal. As I said mum is jumping in to help with the final pack tomorrow and she’s a pro so fingers crossed it all fits. Again, I’ve given up and made myself large G&T to enjoy infront of the tv. 

Excitingly my next post will be from PARIS! I fly on Sunday and will write a little update once I’ve arrived and have semi-settled in. It’s finally time, wish me luck!

F x

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