Taking Care of Yourself

Those of you who’ve read my previous posts will know I’m currently unemployed, or as I prefer to call it funemployed. To get you up to speed really quickly I decided to quit my job in London and move to Paris. My primary goal to begin with is to learn French so I’m going to be au pairing with a family until July 2019 as I can then study during the day. Long term I want to continue living in Paris and be able to move back into marketing which is what I was doing in London.

I’ve been out of work for nearly three weeks now and it’s the first time since I left university that I’ve had this much time off without having a holiday or having set plans. So what exactly have I been doing to fill my time? The first week I spent in London, mostly catching up with friends who I wouldn’t see again for a while and also starting my search for an au pair position. It was so nice to be in London and enjoy being at home, spending time with my sister and nephews (I’ve been living with my sister and her husband for the last four months) without having to rush off to work. 

I was really worried I might wake up on the Monday after leaving work and have a freak out. It’s a pretty big decision I’ve made and I was scared I’d panic and think I’d made the wrong decision. The fact I didn’t cemented I had done the right thing, I was making the right changes. I don’t know why but I’ve felt very clam about the whole process. I had this belief that everything was going to figure itself out and sure enough it did. You can see my post here on how I found the right family to au pair with.

Since coming back to my parents house in Suffolk I’ve really been focusing on making the most of the time off I have. I made a deal with myself that I’d do some kind of exercise everyday I was home and so far I have stuck to that. I’ve been getting up about 6am every morning to walk the dog with my mum. Both the dog and my mum are very early risers, plus in the heat we’ve been having it’s been better to walk the pup early when it’s a bit cooler. I absolutely love being home, we’re literally a five minute walk from rolling fields and about fifteen minutes from the sea. It’s such a calming place to be and I love being surround by the countryside. On top of that I’ve been trying to run or do a HIIT workout at home as well. I normally do this in the evening, that way I can come home shower, get ready for bed and chill for a couple of hours. I hadn’t exercised in about three months before coming home so this has been a bit of a struggle but I’m making progress! 

I’ve also been busy getting ready for the move. I’ve sorted through my clothes, bought new luggage (I didn’t actually own a luggage set and at 27 years old probably shouldn’t be borrowing my parents anymore) and finally booked my flight! I’ve also been taking good care of myself, eating well, drinking lots of water and looking after my skin. It definitely makes a difference when you’re drinking less alcohol, getting lots of sleep and sticking to your skincare regime. I’ve really enjoyed being able to spend lots of time with my parents and being able to fully relax and switch off. The weather has been great overall so I’ve also spent a lot of time in the garden, our house looks out over a fishing lake so it’s really tranquil. 

I’ve got just over three weeks left before I fly out and I’ve got quite a lot coming up! This weekend my oldest sister is coming to stay with her kids and also one of my best friends. This will be the last time I see them all before I move so I’m really looking forward to it. My aunt is also coming to stay for a night next week before I head off to a festival at the weekend. This will actually be my last work commitment for my old job but it’s such a fun weekend I didn’t want to miss out. Then the night before I fly my parents are driving me down to London to have dinner with my other sister (the one I was living with). I think that’s when it will really hit home that I’m leaving!

All in all I’ve still been fairly busy but in a really nice way. We’re getting Fish & Chips from our favourite place on the Blackshore tonight so I have to head off now. See you on Sunday!

F x

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