Anyone who’s moved back home to their parents house after having lived either by themselves or with friends etc. will know how difficult it is to relocate back into your old digs. If you’re anything like me I never really got rid of everything from my old room. I always used to joke that I could probably go home for a month with just my toiletries as I have enough clothes at my parents house to wear for about a month. 

So it’s fair to say I needed to cull, and quite a lot if I was going to get everything to fit. I”m one of those people who is very good at getting rid of clutter, but not very good at getting rid of clothes. I develop strange emotional attachments to many of them, is that weird? For example I’ve kept all of my uni stash from my dance society days, and my netball kit from when I played a lot at school (I’m actually wearing my netball club sweatshirt at the moment). I just can’t seem to part with them, they hold a memory, a feeling. I also hold on to so many things just in case I might wear it again, or just in case I’ll feel confident enough to wear it. This time around I needed to be tough, and tough I was.

To give you an idea I moved most of my stuff home four months ago and I got rid of at least three or four black bin bags worth of clothes for charity then. This time around I’ve got two and another for selling. Anything I hadn’t worn in the last six months, or had forgotten I owned was to go. Items I had worn once and had sat in my closet for years, gone. Anything that was a bit bedraggled and past it’s best, binned.  I don’t know about you, but I need some motivation before taking on a mammoth task like this. Before getting started I set myself up with certain essentials to get me through. We’re talking Netflix, tea, water and biscuits. I’ve had Laguna Beach on repeat, tea by the bucket load and pints and pints of water. It definitely helps to have something on in the background and some caffeine to keep you going! 

Whilst going through everything I started to try and sort into two piles, a take to Paris one and a leave here one. I’ve got two suitcases and two carry ons to fit the next 9 months of clothes in so I need to be sensible with my choices. In the Paris pile are lots of staples, things I can dress up or down. Sweatshirts that are neutral in colour so can be worn with many things. Only a couple of formal dresses, just in case I need them. I’ll probably take one pair of heels, two coats, a couple of bags. It’s going to be difficult for me. I love choice and even though I always revisit favourites I like knowing I could where that top or that skirt etc. if I wanted. It’s been a learning curve that’s for sure and it’s not over yet. I’m determined to go through everything again and get rid of more. Something I keep trying to remind myself is that I might keep hold of something I barely wear just in case, but there is someone out there who really needs it. I’m donating the two bags of clothes to a local charity and I’d love to make it three. 

I’ll let you know how the final pack gets on and how much more I decide to donate in a couple of weeks!

F x

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One thought on “GETTING READY TO MOVE…

  1. I totally get you on the moving home after living on your own bit – I did this briefly a few years ago. Very excited to read more from you on the move to Paris 💕

    Check my new post out 💗


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